Stop Selling Widgets. Start Selling Wisdom.

Learn how to bring mindset, mental models, more meaning and money to your sales conversations, effortlessly and easily!

SHIFT and DISRUPT: Stop Selling Widgets. Start Selling Wisdom’ is different, groundbreaking and timely.

Based on the success of this book we have provided the opportunity for coaching by the author on the 9-Step StorySelling Framework shared inside it’s pages.

For the live coaching please click on the topic you wish to be coached around and Bernadette looks forward to working with you.

Whether you are a corporate seller, sales leader, start up or solopreneur wanting to meet your buyer where they are at, then this book and these personal trainings are for you.

Shift And Disrupt


Guaranteed to Position You As Your Buyer's #1 Choice, Differentiate You In An Ocean of Obscurity and Dominate Your Market!

FOREWORD written by Matt Church, Founder of Thought Leaders Global
Matt Church

Dr. Margie Warrell,

 Keynote speaker and bestselling author of 'Stop Playing Safe' and 'You’ve Got This!'

“Jammed with practical advice, this book will set you up to not just think more creatively, but to summon the courage required to connect more authentically and add exponential value that elevates all your stakeholders to higher ground.”

- David Meerman Scott,

Marketing strategist, and author of 12 books including ‘The New Rules of Marketing and PR’ available in 29 languages.

“Successful sales are about creating compelling narratives that motivate buyers to make a change. Bernadette shows you the elements and frameworks of narrative so you can grow your business.”   

Meridith Elliott Powell

- Meridith Elliott Powell,

Hall of Fame speaker, best-selling author of 'THRIVE: Turning Uncertainty to Competitive Advantage'.

“Bernadette has written one of the most contemporary and smart books on storytelling on the market today."  life and makes becoming a strategic storyteller achievable for any sales professional.”

Jason Orr,

 General Manager of Sales, Dingo Cement (Aust),

“Bernadette is so giving of her learnings and knowledge, and so passionate on this topic, as it shows through this book. The format and structure are great (this makes the book very readable), with statistics and quotes to back up the content.” 

Lori Richardson ,

Author of 'She Sells',

“Bernadette McClelland has brought all her gifts together, resulting in an incredible book that ties story with leadership and meaning. The nine story modes in the StorySeller Circles lay out a methodical way for selling teams to prepare for their buyers in a time of flux and change.”  

- Achal Sharma (AC),

Chairman, CorePeelers Group of Companies, India

“This is a power-packed book. With her unique tri-concept of internal, external, and essential stories, Bernadette has taken sales strategy to a whole new level.”

Victor Antonio ,

Founder, Sales Velocity Academy

“Bernadette’s new book will give you story-building insights and structural options you need to help you stand apart from your competitors!” 

Mark Hunter

- Mark Hunter,

The Sales Hunter; author of ‘A Mind for Sales’. 

“Caution! This book will more than shift and disrupt how you sell. There are books you read and then there are books you live; this is truly a book you live.”

Larry Levine,

author of ‘Selling from the Heart’. 

“Bernadette strategically guides you to discover your internal, external, and essential stories. Implementing these foundational StorySelling principles will transform your conversations, your connections, and take your sales to the next level.”



I’m Bernadette McClelland  – Transformation and Business Growth Speaker for B2B Sales Environments

Bernadette McClelland

I’m also an Aussie living in Denver, Colorado and my intention is to impact the B2B Sales Profession. I want to ensure sellers, like you,  build out your revenue and enjoy what you do and who you do it with (regardless of whether you are an experienced veteran or an enthusiastic new hire).

With a background in Enterprise Sales within Corporate Australia, a keen understanding of human behaviour, and a natural storytelling style, my approach delivers powerful strategies that help businesses connect and convert economic opportunities like never before.

I’m no sales expert even though I’m a coach for Harvard MBA students on their sales enablement curriculum, served as the Master Asia Pacific coach for Anthony Robbins across twelve countries, won multiple awards for my writing and even presented and tested my IP for this book with the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Centre.

But there is one outcome that could be summed up as my biggest ‘sale’ ever and that was selling my economic value to the USA Government. A rubber stamped deal (literally!) that led to being recognised as an ‘Alien of Exceptional Ability in the field of Sales Leadership’ by the USCIS (acknowledging me in the top 1%  of sales leaders, globally!) and being granted immediate residency.

So, buckle up and get ready for a thrilling ride filled with game-changing strategies, powerful insights, and a few laughs – because my goal is to make revenue growth fun, deliberate and easier for you by bringing strategy to your stories and story to your strategies!

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